Valencia Peterson, Founder & CEO

At a very young age my father killed my mother. My sisters and I were all home and the arguing started and then the shots. I cannot describe how hard it was to deal with this. My oldest sister who witnessed everything had to testify in court and never really recovered  from the trauma. She tried to deal with it through drugs that eventually took her life. I was well on my way down the same path. Through a wonderful community and faith in God I was able to start to heal. My passion is to help prevent domestic violence through love. I am convinced that with so much intervention needed, prevention is our only hope. It starts with our youth. My young men will tell you my motto " if one of you becomes a good father, husband or man of integrity its all worth it." I hope to meet all of you who visit our page!

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 NICK LINCOLN Chair of Coaches Committee

As an educator and coach for the past 10 years, I have witnessed the gripping and traumatic effects of violence in our community. Specifically, the consequences of abuse are not just confined to the victim and perpetrator, often children bear a heavy burden. Through trial and error, I learned early on in my career that education should be based first on quality of relationships before the quantity of curriculum begins to sink in. It wasn't until I became head football coach of Penn Wood HS and was introduced to the Coaching Boys into Men playbook that I began to see the vital role of prevention before intervention. I am blessed to have met Mrs. Valencia Peterson and assist in the beginnings of ODAAP. I'm currently an English educator and head football coach at Imhotep Institute Charter High School. Paramount to my identity, I am also a husband and father of two young children. It is my mission to serve these roles with the ultimate respect and integrity, providing a positive example to all the young people whom I am blessed to interact with on a daily basis. Hopefully, through the early intervention and prevention programs ingrained in ODAAP, we will begin to change the epidemic of violence and abuse in our community."