Every good team starts with people like you that have a heart for our Youth and prevention. Clicking on this link shows that you are interested in becoming a volunteer!

To make sure our organization is the right fit for you, we ask that you ask yourself these questions: 

Have I carefully and realistically considered my schedule to make sure that I am able to commit to a weekly volunteer time for six months to one year? 

Am I passionate about standing against domestic violence? 

Will I be able to treat my commitment to volunteer similarly to the seriousness with which I treat work or other obligations in my life? 

Am I comfortable submitting personal references and having a background check? 

Am I willing and able to maintain professional boundaries with teens, staff and their families? 

If you answered yes to all the questions, please continue. If you answered no to any of the questions, ODAAP may not meet your goals as a volunteer. 

Consider these statements and decide if they are true for you: 

I hope that by volunteering I will be better able to work through my own pain and/or brokenness from having experienced domestic violence. 

I have a story to tell and I just want to share my experience with others. 

I have a month or two of unexpected free time and would like to volunteer on a short-term basis. 

I need to be busy all the time. 

I have recently experienced the domestic/date violence or someone close to me has. 

If any of these statements are true, please RECONSIDER applying as a volunteer at ODAAP at this time. You may need more time to heal.

If you reviewed and carefully considered the above, we welcome you to apply. 

We can not wait to hear from you! 

To apply, complete application below: